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Since starting of the same mix we noticed a surprising staple of our weekly posts: toasts! This weekly feature was not planned and we felt a bit embarrassed at first since we were trying to cook. But how could we live without perfect balance, of beautiful meals that our millennial pals actually made. Anyone can make a piece of toast. We decided to embrace this (almost) obsession and dedicate an entire section to it - a toast post if you will. 

To give you a sense of how seriously we take toast I (Rose) will briefly recap a conversation Emily and I once had about toast - completely serious here, we talked about the different ways that one can go about making toast, down to the methods of how to best distribute the butter.

Below please find the methods and food for thought so that you can analyze and maybe even come to discover that you too are transfixed by toast:

  • toaster - are you a 3, 4, or 5 kind of person? are you a popper - constantly checking on the toast or do you trust the toasters objective number scale to produce the perfect toast?
  • toaster oven - do you flip your toast halfway through? do you put on the butter before, during, or after it is toasted in the oven? are you a foil or a pan person or direct grate kind of toaster?
  • oven - do you broil or bake? how hot? 
  • pan - olive oil or butter? have you ever asked yourself  "after frying my bread, how can I ever go back to a toaster?"
  • panini press - do you put the butter on before or after you press? 
    * side note - when I lived in Spain the apartment I lived in didn't have an oven, but the land lady was nice enough to give me a panini press...I got creative. 
  • color - what is the ideal amount of browning? do you judge other people who like it more or less done than yourself?
  • toppings - are you an edge to edge kind of person with an even layer? or a seemingly un-calculated spreader who ends up "perfect bites"? is there such thing as too many toppings?

Hope that your critical thinking and you imagination have been sparked - who knows maybe this could be the Thanksgiving conversation you're looking for in order to avoid talking about other things....let us know how it works ;)


Emily's top 5 toasts

5. a toast medley

i highly recommend that anyone who has the opportunity to join a bread club JOINS! fresh bread on the weekend let's me go crazy like I did here. roasted tomatoes, lavender goat cheese, tapenade, and olive oil are the perfect mix and match ingredients. 

toasts   I   @ofthesamemix

4. pizza toasts

i guess i do have a vein of basic running through me and pizza bread is proves it. basil shows i'm trying...


3. fried eggs with salsa on a baguette

the perfect breakfast to turn some groggy eyes, BRIGHT. the baguette is the perfect vehicle to sop up yolk, salsa, and hot sauce. make your own tomatillo salsa or take some the night before at your favorite mexican restaurant. 


2. bruschetta with burrata

burrata is the best... nothing else to say except that this is really a summer treat. i forget tomatoes are really extraordinary in the summer and the rest of the year they don't come close.


1. peach + pesto toast

bad and boujee. i do like toasts with a lot of layers--especially acid and sweetness. here I spread pesto on a the bread topped with chili flakes and mozzarella, *broiled*, and then topped with peaches, pesto and balsamic reduction. it looks nice, but is actually a lot of simple bright flavors!

toasts   I   @ofthesamemix
toasts   I   @ofthesamemix
toasts   I   @ofthesamemix


Rose's top 5 toasts



5. banana bread and butter

sweet, salty, soft and super freakin yummy - this toast is a hybrid of all things good in life and thus a sure fire top 5 toasts in my book





4. french toast 

my mom used to make this only on "special" occasions - which is now every time I'm home. I don't know what it is about it, but I think I could have french toast every morning (if I could wake up in time). 






3. goat cheese with peaches, honey and walnuts

decadent af - this toast is a crowd pleaser and a teaser - little bit savory, a lot bit sweet 





2. avo & egg

the new classic, my go to no matter what meal - I mean, how can you go wrong??






1. tostada 

not "toast", but man oh man tostadas are my absolute favorite 


We are going to keep toasting over here as we build of the same mix with more recipes, travel guides, and blog posts. thanks for reading and get toasted :)

berry crumble

berry crumble

plum galette

plum galette