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fall pizza

Savory, sweet, rich, and delicious! This fall pizza will have you embracing the cold and the seasonal food that comes with it! Loaded with a blend of cheeses, sage, sweet potatoes, crispy kale, and pomegranate seeds, this pizza is not your average pie. 

farm box pizza

Farm Box Pizza or a CSA Flatbread?! Either way, this great recipe has all farm fresh produce: leeks, golden beets, mushrooms, and fuji apples along with lots of mozzarella and goat cheese! Great as an appetizer or a main dish. #luckytoliveinCalifornia #supportyourlocalfarms

purple potato pizza

Looking to spontaneously show off your cooking skills?? start with this showstopper, a purple potato pizza topped with gorgeous purple spuds, caramelized onions, mushrooms, and lots of lots of cheese! Great with a small arugula salad or bottle of pinot.