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fall pizza

fall pizza

fall pizza   I   @ofthesamemix

What better way to embrace fall than with a pizza to match this season of warm California days and cool, crisp nights. I often forget that fall is actually my favorite season until the clear blue skies appear, warm afternoon light makes dramatic sunsets, and hearty foods are back and definitely welcome! People say it’s sweater season, however, I find sweaters to be a bit overrated in California during early fall. I will need to break out the Bay Area uniform of the Patagonia puffy jacket (I don’t have a black nanopuff... the horrors) or green utilitarian “army” jacket that has never seen a battlefield. Anyway, I’ll break out some fall clothes as it cools down and start cooking my favorite dishes and adding a seasonal twist.

This pizza was inspired by kale chips, which is one of my favorite ways to prepare kale! I wanted the pizza to be topped with crunchy goodness and to be complemented by bursts of pomegranate seeds, sweet potatoes, and savory cheese. It makes for a balanced pie, even though it’s sauceless. The herbaceous properties of the fried sage pull this pizza together and makes one realize that Thanksgiving season is coming around the corner and that sage and fresh herbs will be making even more appearances on the dinner table!

I hope this pizza gives you a warm welcome to our friend, Fall.

fall pizza   I   @ofthesamemix
fall pizza   I   @ofthesamemix

fall pizza



Preheat oven & prep dough:
Preheat the oven to 450F. Place the store bought dough on a floured surface and allow it to rise for 30 minutes.

In the meantime:

  1. Pour olive oil over the kale and massage for 30-45 seconds. Add parmesan. So easy, and it’s ready to go!
  2. Heat the skillet over medium-high heat. Place the butter and allow it to completely melt. Add sage leaves, stir them in butter. Cook for 1-2 minutes. Place sweet potatoes in the pan and cook on each side for 2 minutes or until each side is lightly browned and coated with butter. Remove sweet potatoes and sage leaves from the skillet.

Preparing the Pizza:

  1. Throw the dough into a large rectangle (any shape is acceptable as long as it fits on the pan!) and place on the prepared pan. Brush a hearty tablespoon over the dough reaching every corner, adding more olive oil if needed. Top with cheese blend. Place sweet potatoes over the cheese. With a knife cut, or with your hands, break the sage into small pieces and sprinkle over the cheese along with the thyme.
  2. Bake for 10 minutes. Remove from the oven and top with kale mixture. Return pizza to the oven and cook for 7-10 more minutes or until the crust is golden brown and the kale is crunchy.
  3. Top with shaved parmesan and pomegranate seeds. Slide onto a cutting board, slice, and serve!
  4. The salty cheese, sage-y sweet potato, crispy kale, bursts of juice from the pomegranate seeds make this pizza delicious and oh so totally Fall!





  • Pre-made pizza dough (Trader Joe’s or make your own!)
  • Extra virgin olive oil
  • 2 cups Quattro formaggio cheese blend (Trader Joe’s)
  • Cooked sweet potato, 12 - ¼ inch thick slices
  • 5 medium sized sage leaves
  • 1 tbspn butter
  • Thyme (optional)


  • 3.5 cups of kale
  • 1 tspn olive oil
  • ¼ cup parmesan


  • ½ cup of parmesan shavings for garnish
  • Pomegranate seeds (from 1 pomegranate or ½ - ¾ cup)


Baking sheet
Cast Iron Skillet


Prep: 45 minutes (including dough rising)
Baking: 15-20 minutes

Dear Fall, I'll make it knowing I have this pizza and Thanksgiving coming my way. From, Emily

Dear Fall, I'll make it knowing I have this pizza and Thanksgiving coming my way. From, Emily