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food trends of 2017!

food trends of 2017!

We love to bake and cook, but we also love to be in the know! Here is what to expect in 2017 according to Whole Foods, Eater, and a few predictions made by yours truly. In the next few months, we will be exploring and creating with these products and will let you what you can do at home with them!

Continuously infamous for being called “whole paycheck,” Whole Food’s know what’s going on as leaders of the natural foods market. Here is what Whole Food Projects for 2017:

1.   Wellness tonics: super drinks, drinking vinegars, adaptogenic herbs, basically the new drinks popping up and telling kombucha to scoot over
2.   Products from byproducts
3.   Coconut Craze! Coconut milk, flour, water, flakes, desserts, so versatile!
4.   Japanese food, the other 90% that is not sushi. Let’s get educated.
5.   Interesting condiments that will tingle tastebuds.
6.   Rethinking pasta
7.   Purple errythang
8.   On-the-go beauty, not food but using plant based products.
9.   Flexitarian, yes!
10. Mindful prep

I am most excited by the purple foods and products from byproducts! Food waste is a huge issue in our current food system,where currently 40% of our food ends up in landfill. Looking forward to seeing what new products come out and how we can use them at home and also I will share some tips to reduce food waste at home! Over the next few months we are going to delve into these popular products and show you how to use them! Rose has us covered with discussing “what is pasta?” and vetting different alternative pastas with delicious recipes! I will be looking into purple products, flexitarian meal plans, and mindful prep. Check in early next week for purple carrot cake recipe. The big question on my mind is will the cake really be purple?

Before you go, a few more 2017 predictions from Eater’s compiled list that we are very excited about:

10. Cauliflower (Bon App, James Beard Foundation), just because it tastes so good when done right.
28. Filipino food (Bloomberg, Food Network), half of our people.
44. Marbling desserts (Telegraph), so insta-worthy.
70. Sprinkles / colorful dessert (James Beard Foundation), watch out pals, birthdays are going to be technicolor.
75. Tamales (GrubHub), great comfort food!

My personal 2017 predictions from perusing the internet & eating in the Bay Area.

1.  The year of the pea shoot. Bright flavor, delicate structure, and versatility will make pea shoots a new staple in the microgreens family. I predict restaurants will use pea shoots to diversify salad sections on the menu and also use it as an artful garnish.
2.  More fusion. The ability to pick and choose the best parts of contrasting cuisines and harmonize them into an indulgent, delicious, balanced dish is what millennials do best. Millennials are on the fusion train and I predict it chugs along just fine this year
3. Savory alternatives--yogurt, smoothies/soups, bars. There is a salty, snack filled market just waiting to be built and then saturated. Will artisanal brands and grocery store favorites convince us change habits and embrace the savory? I think so. Keep an eye out for drinkable soups like Tio Gazpacho and Zupa Noma and bars from Kashi and Epic.

Remember to check in early next week for new recipes, including purple carrot cake & pasta!

re-thinking pasta

roasted butternut squash soup (v)

roasted butternut squash soup (v)