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re-thinking pasta

Cutting Gluten out of my diet meant getting rid of one of my favorite foods, pasta (second to pizza of course). Mac n cheese and pesto pasta, 2 of my main meals were no more unless I wanted to spend double the amount of time searching and the at least triple the amount of money to get my hands on some truly GF noodles. 
About a year ago the clouds parted and the heaven i call Trader Joe's came out wit not one, not two, three or four but FIVE GF pasta options! 

Staying on trend with 2017s new food fads over the next month I'm going start cooking my way through every different pasta selection TJ's has to offer. Kind of like those blogs about "we tried aerial yoga so you don't have to" that are on Facebook all day everyday, except yummier and probably easier. 

Organic Brown Rice Penne - Gluten Free

My first experiment: Goat Cheese Pesto Mac-n-Cheese using the Organic Brown Rice Penne pasta from #TraderJoes. 

The Penne turned out perfectly! The cook time on the bag made for a perfectly cooked pasta, not too sticky and it held up when stirred with the cheese mixture. The only thing I did a bit differently was add a bit of olive oil to the pasta after it was strained and returned to the pot, not completely necessary, but it will help the noodles from sticking. 

10/10 for the Gluten Free Organic Brown Rice Penne Pasta - you GO Trader Joe's.

Organic Brown rice & Quinoa Fusilli Pasta - Gluten Free

Spirals make everything more fun right? I made a simple pesto pasta with this Fusilli and it was amaze. The pasta itself was similar to the brown rice Penne but the quinoa flour gave it a little more of an al dente feel. 

Like the last one, I cooked it in salted water and added about a tablespoon of olive oil to keep it from sticking 

9/10 for this pasta 

-1? When I microwaved it for lunch the next day at work the pasta got a little too dry

Organic Black Bean Rotini Pasta - Gluten Free

This pasta was, in comparison, not the best one I have tried. A lover of all things blacks beans, the taste is on point, but I was disappointed when after cooking it, it lost is cool black color and turned a shade of grey. Tips for this, use it with the black bean flavor in mind, UNDER COOK or else you will wind up with a big mass of basically re fried black beans.

6/10 for this pasta


Organic Brown Rice Rotini Pasta - Gluten Free
(Felicia Organic - not TJs)

This is by far the best GF pasta I've tried so far. I was feeling a little under the weather a few weeks ago and my sharing/caring bf made me chicken noodle soup...from scratch...because canned soup is ew & I'm a brat! We bought this pasta from the not so gourmet supermarket around the corner from our place so I'm not too sure where else you could find it. BUT if you every do happen upon it, it's some good sh*t. Holds up in soup and dry equally well!

**UPDATE: Turns out Felicia Organic is in Manhattan! What a cowinkadink!! SO you can buy their pasta online here or on Amazon -- pantry box party powaaa

10/10 for this pasta


goat cheese pesto mac-n-cheese

goat cheese pesto mac-n-cheese

food trends of 2017!

food trends of 2017!