hello, we are Emily and Rose!


both with our filipino fathers and white mothers, well, we are of the same mix! 

this story starts in oakland, california where 2 little brown butterball (thanksgiving) babies met at 4 months old, went their separate ways for toddlerhood, only to be reunited in the same 32 kid kindergarten class. we spent the next 13 years together having joint birthday parties, going to summer camp, selling girl scout cookies, and of course learning to bake, cook, and create.

we’ve traveled near and far, both living and working abroad over the past couple of years. we've reunited to create of the same mix for YOU! the occasional to avid baker and cook, who creates Pinterest boards that you never do anything with, who likes everything on Instagram - tagging your friends saying “let’s make this!” - only to never make it, who buys the trendiest cookbooks just regift it your mom her birthday/Christmas/Hanukkah/Mother's Day, who "goes vegan" or gluten or sugar free for 2 days, and you, who has tried every BBW that pops up on your insta homepage -- this is for you, the modern lady who is on a perpetual quest to “eat healthy,” but keeps it real and loves cheese, bread, and ice cream.